Frontier Church exists for the glory of Jesus and the joy of Des Moines. One way that we seek the joy of Des Moines is through our Sunday Gatherings. We believe in the value and importance of Christians gathering together to worship Jesus on Sundays. We desire to create a hospitable, celebratory, and joyful environment for people to gather together in on Sunday mornings. Our For YourJoy Teams seek to help people who join us on Sundays to worship Jesus and experience community by serving in a variety of ways. Below you will find a list of our teams, what they do, and a form to fill out for more information on their purpose and how you can get connected to serve on a For Your Joy Team.

The Frontier Worship Team seeks to lead our members, regular attenders, and guests in singing songs of worship to God. The Worship Team selects songs every week that are rich in theology, affectionate, and singable. This team is led by Nick Powell.

The Frontier Hospitality Team seeks to show hospitality to everyone who enters into our Sunday Gathering space. Every week, the Hospitality Team transforms Noce into an environment for our church to worship Jesus in by setting up chairs, cleaning, brewing coffee, opening doors, starting conversations, and connecting people. This team is led by Jay and Jaquelyne Fruecthe.

The Frontier Roots Team seeks to come alongside families, as they disciple their children. Every Sunday, the Roots Team creates two environments for children who are one to six years old to learn about Jesus through stories from the Bible and grow in their friendships with each other. This team is led by Carlos Sims, Jr.

The Frontier Production Team seeks to help people worship God on Sunday mornings by setting up our stage and audio/visual equipment, running slide presentations, and audio engineering. Every Sunday morning, the Production Team shows up early to prepare our Sunday Gathering environment and assist the Worship Team. This team is led by Andrew Self.

If you have questions about or would like to serve on one of our For Your Joy Teams, please fill out this form to be directed to the right leader.

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