Frontier Roots is a piece of Frontier Church’s ministry to the families in our local church. Currently, we provide two safe learning environments on Sunday mornings. One environment is for children who are one to three years old and the second environment is for children who are four to six years old. In both of these environments, children play games, do crafts, and receive the teachings of the Bible in story form. All of our volunteers love Jesus, have passed background checks, and seek to serve the families of Frontier Church.

Frontier Roots begins at 10am and ends when the sermons concludes. At the end of the sermon, the children who are in the Frontier Roots environments are led by our volunteers to our Sunday Gathering space, where they join their parents for the last piece of Frontier Church’s Sunday Gathering. We have families in our local church who keep their children with them for the entirety of our Sunday Gatherings and we have other families who utilize Frontier Roots. If you choose to keep your children with you during our Sunday Gathering or utilize our Frontier Roots environments, we are excited to have you join our church family, as we worship Jesus every Sunday.

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