We confess

our delight in the mission of God,

that the Father so loved our city

he sent his Son to die,

and so loved his people

he sent his Spirit to help.

We long to belong to our city,

its suburbs, its neighborhoods,

and we yearn for God’s will to be done

in Des Moines as it is in heaven

through hospitable rhythms lived by ordinary Christians.

Under the conviction

of the Spirit,

we acknowledge that

we have not imaged God’s perfect love for Des Moines

by what we have done

and by what we have left undone.

In our church’s thoughts, words, and deeds,

we have not loved our city

as we have loved ourselves,

and we invite God’s forgiveness

and our city’s patience.

Jesus Christ

is the truer and better

lover of our city,

He grants us

to see our vocations as woven into his work,

He endows those whose labor forms our common life,

He empowers those at home who care for children,

He equips those whose creative gifts nourish us all,

He bestows us work and words

to serve with singleness of heart.

We exist

for the glory of Jesus &

the joy of Des Moines.

We glorify God by enjoying him,

loving him, trusting him &

with happiness obeying his will,

commands, and law.

His common grace for our common good

demands that our work reflect our love,

worship, and joy in our great salvation.

We ask that he would give our vocations

that our city might flourish.