Our strategy is to practice church minimalism: we minimize doing ministry for you, and we maximize equipping you to do the work of ministry. At a very practical level, this means that rather than creating one-hundred programs or one-thousand ministries, our hope is to empower our people to use their time, talents, and treasures to be on mission in their neighborhoods. By remaining focused on Sunday Church and Everyday Church, our church plant is free to remain light on its feet without being bogged down by thousands of small tasks.

And our people aren't drowned by a sea of time commitments. That’s a good thing.  


The first question people have about church is: "where do I go big?" We do Sunday Church. When you visit on Sunday, our service includes preaching, singing, liturgy, and communion. We believe that all the nuts and bolts of Sunday Church should be Word-saturated and Jesus-centered. Sunday Church is generally what people think of when you hear the word “church.” This is our answer to your question: "where do I go big?"


Two other questions people have about church are: "where do I go small?" and "where do I go deep?" We do Everyday Church. Although Sunday Church is deeply important to the growth of Christians, a healthy church embodies the identity of a family. And a family is not confined to a single day of the week or a single event on the calendar. Christians have messy, painful, and complex struggles and wants that can only be met by smaller expressions of the church. To help create a culture of Everyday Church, we have gospel-centered small groups (called Community Groups) and gospel-centered accountability groups (called Fighter Groups).


Since our church leadership focuses only on Sunday church & Everyday Church, our church members are encouraged to do ministry in highly creative and unique ways that are independent from our church’s philosophy of ministry. These events are not planned, led, or funded by Frontier Church. From picnics to game nights to worship nights, we want to equip you for everyday mission.